See the Sites with that Someone Special

Phoenix SinglesDear Eloisa: I am fairly new to the Phoenix area. That said, I am eager to meet people, see the sites, experience fine dining, art and culture, maybe even find a suitable companion to do all of these things with. I was wondering if you could possibly point me in the right direction. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Yours Truly,

Gary – Phoenix, AZ

Dear Gary: Thanks for your letter! I would love to give you any help that I can. The Phoenix region is truly a terrific place to live. With museums galore, restaurants featuring some of the best regional cuisines, and an exhilarating night life you can always find something to do. And you’re right, the Phoenix area is best experienced with that special someone by your side. So what is the best way to meet singles in Phoenix? Good question!

I have heard nightmarish stories from local Phoenix singles about blind dates, frantic speed dating sessions, disorganized meet and greets and of course the never-know-what-you’re-getting online dating venues. I do not recommend these routes. When looking for love, you want to know that you’re meeting someone who shares your interests, who has similar goals and comparable background, who is financially stable and consequently dating for the right reasons.

Certainly, in today’s society, it’s more the norm to encounter those who are less than genuine in their intentions, or worse, in how they represent themselves. This is why I like to encourage my readers to check out Phoenix Singles. What is better than a regionally based dating service that is firmly invested in their clients’ welfare and happiness…You’re not dealing with some random photos that could have easily been plucked from the internet, and Phoenix Singles’ profiles are all checked, double checked and verified to ensure that people are in fact who they say they are.

You can’t become a member until you go through a very selective screening process. But perhaps the best part about them is their level of service. Phoenix Singles understands that we all lead busy lives, and unfortunately sometimes our hectic schedules get in the way of love and dating. So their concierge approach allows you to focus on finding love with that eligible partner, while they take care of the details. They’ll arrange the date, schedule car service, even find a babysitter if necessary. They literally do it all in order to help you find that perfect match. Hope this helps!

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