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Speed DatingSpeed Dating in Phoenix? Yes Please!

You live and work in Phoenix, so you don’t need an opportunity to meet with someone to only have enough time to ask him or her about where they live and what they do for work. You need a real chance to get to know someone special, and that’s exactly what speed dating with our company is like. Conventional speed dating just doesn’t work, and here’s why:

  • No preexisting connection so the conversation lags
  • One person might talk the whole time and not let you get a word in edgewise
  • Participants who aren’t close to you in age
  • Mostly men and very few women
  • Too little time

Because most speed dating events just have a random signup, there’s no guarantee that you’ll meet people who even have remotely similar interests to you. If you sit with someone who’s your polar opposite, little to no conversation will ever take place. Phoenix Singles solves this problem by only hosting events for individuals who could be a great match for each other. That way you already have things in common to talk about the second you sit own.

Nothing is worse than a conversation hog. It’s boorish behavior and it doesn’t help to foster a meaningful dialogue. With Phoenix Singles, you’ll find our members considerate, polite, and ready to talk about you. Simply put, we don’t have members that only talk about themselves.

Speed DatingParticipants who aren’t close to you in age
It could be awkward to go on a date with someone thirty years your senior, or twenty years younger than you. Most people actually want to date someone close to their own age, and with Phoenix Singles, all participants at events are age appropriate matches.

Speed dating is historically 80% men. Those odds aren’t great if you’re a man showing up. Phoenix Singles solves that issue by having more even ratios. After all, you came to meet your match, not jostle elbows with other men.

Most events allow between 3 and 5 minutes per person you meet. That’s hardly enough time to get to know anyone. We solve that issue by allowing ten minutes per meeting so you have enough time to actually get to know someone.