Personal Service

Personal Service - Phoenix SinglesYou’ve no doubt stayed at hotels that have a concierge. They can be invaluable when you don’t know the city, and even remarkably beneficial when you know the city but are seeking more things to do. When you live and work in a city, it’s commonplace to develop a routine and to stick to it on a regular basis. What you need when you are established in a city is for another person to be able to offer insight and advice on where to go and new places to visit that you may not have thought to go to before. From the Over Easy in Phoenix for breakfast, to opening season for baseball or Football, we can help you to plan out a date like nothing you’ve ever crafted or experienced before.

Personal service doesn’t just include getting restaurant recommendations or tickets to the opening game for the Arizona Cardinals, it also means that as things come up with dating, we can help you to address them. Imagine being able to call us when you’re nervous about an upcoming date, and we can talk you through it so you aren’t inclined to give into your fears and cancel. Or maybe you’re not sure how to even find the restaurant when a street closure forces you to take a detour. We can give you alternate directions, or if necessary, help you to find a new place to go to (especially helpful if you’ve ever been caught in traffic on 7th Ave).

Feeling left out of the loop with conventional online dating sites because you can’t ever get a hold of someone in their customer service department? With us that will never happen. If you have a question or a concern, we want to address it immediately for you. There’s no need to feel left out with Phoenix Singles since we always have someone here for you. Whether you contact us to arrange a spot on our next singles excursion or regarding a question about our upcoming speed dating event, we can answer your questions and give you all the details you would ever want.